The Sneezy Breeze!

I’m so happy to share what Ben and I have been working on over the past few months:

A new book!

Sneezy Breeze Cover

A little backstory…

When we were on vacation in Florida in January we spent time at a beautiful park in St. Augustine. Ben and the kids played an epic game of tag as I pushed Micah on a baby swing.  There was a beautiful breeze coming in off the ocean and the trees were singing about it. Before long a funny little poem began to form in my mind…about a breeze…that makes people sneeze!

We had been enjoying poems all winter from an old book I found called “The Oxford Book of Children’s Verse.” It surprised me how well the kids understood the poems and how great their sense of humor is! Side note: I feel children are capable of so much more depth of understanding than we give them credit for. At any rate, I knew they would love this new poem and when I read it to them they laughed and had me read it again and again.

Ben mentioned it would be a fun children’s book, so we had illustrations done and we set to work. It has been such an enjoyable journey working with Denise L. Brown as well as Ben! He put up with so many late nights and a very bossy design editor for a wife as it turns out. Also, Kristina Roth made excellent editorial suggestions (thank you, Kristina!).

We have enjoyed sharing “The Sneezy Breeze” with our children and hope you are able to share it with the little ones in your life as well.



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