Same Power


Morning. The morning of Good Friday actually. Easter is this Sunday. Am I ready? I’ve barely read my Bible lately. In all honesty my heart feels empty and drafty. Like an old house. I feel there are things I need to do.

So much is going on this week. One event after another. Kids, work, practices, moving, paperwork. I feel like I have nothing left—not even fumes to run on. I’m human. Lately I feel like anything I can manufacture in way of pleasing God would be just that: manufactured. Man-made. Not authentic. Made up.

Am I ready for Easter?

Yes. Completely.

This is what is so amazing and beautiful about Easter. I don’t have to do anything. And I won’t manufacture emotions or experience. I don’t need to.

It was Jesus alone on the cross; He alone in the tomb; and He alone resurrected. It was His power that resurrected His own empty heart. Emptied by sin and distance from his Father. He did the work. So when I sit here on April 19, 2019, Good Friday, with my empty heart it’s ok. He will rise. He will fill. He will resurrect. I will open my heart to Him and he will resurrect it just as He did His own. He alone has the power.

That is the sorrow and the beauty of the cross: He did it alone because He alone has the power. He did it all so he does it all. The only thing required of me is to open the door of my heart, trust, and wait.

If you’re like me and feeling empty and depleted this Easter it’s ok. It’s actually the point. Ask to be filled. Your request is all that is required for the same power that filled the tomb that morning to fill your heart today. Praise God. Thank you, Jesus!

He did it all. He does it all. You are ready.



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