Unbiblical Antiques…And Such

bike.jpgI’ve been pondering this week how God must like new things. Have you ever thought of that? I felt this week that God showed me little bit of His childlike nature. It’s beautiful, fun, and pure joy. I also stumbled upon the fact that it includes the excitement over new things. But when I thought of how we here on earth view getting new things it struck me: “Why are we so hard on ourselves about it?” Yes, we sometimes deserve new things. Especially if we wait, or save, or work really hard for it, but still the cynic in me questions, “There are so many people in the world with so very little. Should you really enjoy new things that much? That often?”

Is it ok to see newness as divine? How divine do you feel when you get something new? Mostly we don’t associate getting new things with heavenly purity. You bought more shoes? Greedy. You bought a new car when your old one was fine? Vanity. You remodeled your kitchen just because it seemed dated? Wasteful. Right? But think about this: in a perfect world there would be no old. Old is a result of time passing and degeneration. Death creeping in. Mold. Rot. Wrinkles. And it’s not part of God’s original plan for creation. So why are we so hard on new? You know what? At the risk of sounding like a first world snob I declare old is not ok. It’s unbiblical.

In the Bible I find God is all about the new. “Sing to the lord a new song.” “He put a new song in my mouth.” “When someone becomes a Christian they are a new person.” “Behold I make all things new.” “I am making you new.” “I am doing a new thing, do you not perceive it?” I know I’ve stretched a bit here going from new countertops to new creations in Christ, but I believe the principle is the same. He makes all things new. The old has passed away. And really, who hasn’t looked at their life at one point or another and felt like an old dated kitchen from 1979 badly in need of a remodel? He makes all things new and He loves it. Remodels are His specialty. Joel Olsteen’s got nothing on how much God wants to bless you with new.

Actually 1979 was a good year. It was 37 years ago. Tomorrow is my birthday. Honestly, I don’t feel like being nostalgic because I’m so eager for the newness God is unveiling my life. The past few years have been awful, but I’m seeing his bigger picture now and his plan for freedom and peace. And TRUE JOY. And more and more, I’m on board with this remodel project He’s been working on. It’s the hardest, most painful, scariest thing that’s ever happened to me, but it’s so real and has shown me His love. And His heart. That’s new. He’s making me new.  That’s priceless. And His resources are endless.

A few weeks ago he kept reminding me His love never ceases and His mercies are new every morning. (Lamentations 3:23) I saw that scripture everywhere. And I started meditating on it. There’s that word again. New. He renews everything. But wait. His love is the constant. It never changes. It never gets old. It is the only continuous force/element/piece of this cosmic puzzle that never changes. Like the energy in movement in our universe right now. Isn’t that the first law of thermodynamics? Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Maybe love truly does make the world go ‘round.

And so here I am a day away from 37. Wishing I had more energy but realizing all I need is His love. The only constant. And he is showing me that every day lately by making all things new.

Embrace the new, it is the essence of God’s working in your life. The channel in which He blesses you with change. Sometimes it’s painful when God “puts his finger” on a part of our lives that need change. But remember His love is the constant and it always carries us through. Sometimes we are fearful, or just plain uncomfortable with it, but He knows what is necessary and he loves us too much to let us live with our ugly orange countertops and shag carpet—on a spiritual level (and some of us on a literal physical level). If we can get excited for new countertops, we can definitely get excited for new parameters in our life. It reminds me of the C.S. Lewis quote about God doing remodeling in our hearts. He said, “You thought you were going to be a nice little cottage, but God is building a palace.” Palaces are expensive. God has lavish taste. He wants the best for you, and He is limitless in resources and love. So the next time you get something new, whether you deserve it or not, I invite you to take a minute and smile with God like you are both children at a birthday party and remember He loves new things.


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