Jealous of the Madness

Some approach the creative process from a place of calm surrender to ideas and emotions. They coax the words or paint or notes into the open in efforts to dispel their emotions in the lines and form required. These people push themselves for results and are reliable. They can achieve great things in art, writing, and music while still keeping one foot in reality and balancing a normal life.

Others come from the completely opposite side of the spectrum. They must create so they can function on regular levels in normal life. They create not because they necessarily want to share something with the world, but because they cannot rest until they have expelled the creative energy. They create to unload a burden that is never satisfied. You will notice, these are the masters.

I enjoy the creative process from the first perspective. It is not always wild and manic but it produces results I am happy with. However, I find myself increasingly jealous of the madness. While I am somewhat fond of my ears, I would love to find my passion. Can you relate?

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