Seeking Still

There was joy in my heart

When I woke up today;

I knew that my Savior

Had something to say.


“I will search the world over

To hear His sweet song.

He will tell me great things;

I cannot go wrong.”


Through the green meadows

I ran and I ran.

“I will find Him and listen,

I know that I can.”


I became out of breath

Very soon in my quest

“This is not working,”

I dolefully confessed.


“Maybe the ocean

With loud crashes roaring

Will tell me the secrets

My Lord is now storing.”


Sailing through waters

Of silver and blue,

All was inspiring but,

“Lord, where are you?”


“I must bring myself closer

To heaven and sky.

I will go where the earth

Reaches ever so high.”


So I climbed a great mountain

Looking for Him,

But all I could find

Was the sun faded dim.


Falling down in exhaustion

Right down to the ground,

Still I heard not a word,

Still I heard not a sound.


On the hillside I sat,

All alone in my fear,

Then I heard it so softly

And tenderly clear:


“You are quiet, My child,

So now I can speak;

The still of My Presence

Is all you need seek.


I Just wanted to tell you

I love you so much.”

That night I slept soundly,

God’s face I did touch.


  1. Wow! Was this a poem for internationals? It is so wonderful! Maybe one of my students could use it for their recitation?!!!


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