Greater Than These


laneThis is a poem I wrote in 6th grade. It is based on Galations 5:221 Corinthians 13:13, and 1 John 4:8


Once, I sat down and decided to pray.

Jesus said, “Come, let me teach you today.”


We walked down a lane with big trees on both sides,

And He told me that this is where fruits do reside.


Out bubbled Joy with her heart full of light;

All of my troubles she soon put to flight.


“Laughter of children and songs from the heart;

That is my motto, my role, my part.


Lingering in smiles and shimmering in eyes;

I am the happy that never dies.”


She left just as soon as the way that she came,

But already I felt I’d not be the same.


Then Peace came like whispers and rustles of leaves.

“I dance with the flowers and sing with the breeze.

I am the quiet that nobody sees.”


She sat by her tree and looked up at the sky;

Blue as the solitude in her eye.


Next there came Kindness like cool water springs.

“He who receives me must also give wings,


That I may go when a sad heart does sigh.

I am the law of the lips of the wise.”


Patience, goodness, and yes, self-control;

All of them telling of their special role.


We walked down the lane till they all had been met,

But where was this love of whom all are in debt?


And Jesus said, “I am the love that you fervently seek.

I am the love which you tenderly speak.


The joy in the laughter, the peace in the breeze,

I am far greater than all of these.”



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